After 20 years of wishing, Marissa Kephart set out to make music for the first time.

Using the extra space allotted to her during lockdown Marissa found the courage to finally pick up the guitar and start taking voice lessons. “Meet Me Halfway” is the first demo she took to music teacher, multi-instrumentalist and producer, Scott Yoshimura (The Envy Corps, Canby), in March of this year. The two quickly understood their creative energies and influences align, and they formed Elison. Inspired by bands like Sparklehorse, Dinosaur Jr., Yo La Tengo, My Bloody Valentine, Cat Power and Big Thief, they’ve created a sound all their own.

Elison: n. 1. Division; separation.


Marissa named her project in homage to her origins: her maiden name was Cornelison and her father is a musician himself. As she says, “My dad’s a long time jazz musician so my love of this art form really stemmed from seeing him perform my entire life. I pulled “elison” out to honor him and his influence in my life, now that I’ve finally started pursuing music for myself. I wanted to know if there was any meaning in the word and quickly discovered it meant “division” or “separation,” which felt serendipitous because that was one huge effect of this pandemic and ultimately, the catalyst that led me to start playing. There was no other option. I had to use elison. It was too perfect.”

For Marissa, creativity has always been a way of life. She explains, “My mother is an artist and that had a big impact on me growing up, so visual arts was what I pursued first when looking for a creative outlet. I started creating art to coincide with music. I was inspired by album covers and began collecting show posters. Ultimately, the energy of bands’ branding and their visual messaging was what drew me to graphic design. My graphic design career has very much paralleled my love for music.”

What’s to come
It’s as yet unknown what material forms the song and its future companions will take. On performing, Elison’s stance echoes Kate Bush’s method more than, say, Willie Nelson’s: “We actually don’t have much of a desire to play out. Scott is a seasoned musician who has played plenty of shows, and I’m so new that I have incredible stage fright. Maybe one day this answer will change, but for now we’re content writing, recording and releasing songs from the comfort of our homes.” After all, Marissa founded Elison on pursuits more holistic than the music industry’s norm. “I’m not pursuing music for fame or fortune — I’m looking to connect with others and deepen my connection with myself.” What keeps the band pumped to move forward? Putting “Meet Me Halfway” out into the world for folks to hear. “It’s been so exciting to see the song take shape from concept to completion and we’re so ready to share it with others. I’m also excited to continue writing our next song(s).

Appreciate the easygoing, vibey, and immersive mood on this piece. It's dreamy, chill, and moody by design. The sound is brimming with indie pop-inspired elements blended with slowcore and dreamy pop hooks through the flow. It makes for a catchy, simple, grounded sonic feel that's easy to follow through. Musically it's reminiscent of the likes of Snail Mail, Slow Pulp, Big Thief, Soccer Mommy, beabadoobee, The Sundays, etc. Appreciate the melodic hooks complemented by the consistent flow.


Cool indie rock track. I love the vocals! Beautiful tone and delivery. I can definitely hear the Big Thief influence on your sound. The choruses are quite explosive in a good way, Love how the guitars come in at 2:13. Good catchy melody. Great production and overall performance on this one.

Top Indie Alt

Beautiful arrangement. I really love those cool synth lines. The vocals are also really sweet.


The track weaves a compelling atmosphere here, in no small part thanks to the excellent vocal style.

Various Small Flames

I love the structure throughout "Meet Me Halfway," and elison's performance is really solid all around. Beautiful vocals!

Art Garden Songs

Elison has a fantastic approach to indie-pop that blends alt-rock in a very clever and thoughtful way.


Very thoughtful indie jam. Dug the fragile vocals, the minimalistic instrumentation and ear candy.


I have gotta say the track here has quite the atmosphere. There's just something to it that feels so emotional.

Empty Room Productions

I like the message of the song and I enjoy the sound of your voice, it's soft and raw at the same time, very interesting!

Awake Music

The great impact of the track's rich guitars coupled with the smooth flow of the lovely vocals really made this piece for me.


Enjoy the overall feeling of this track, the lyrics & soundscape, the melodic line is well-written & balanced, with a great rhythm & cadence.

Phonograph Me

Meet Me Halfway is a more than enjoyable listen bolstered by some crisply delivered lead vocals that sit with ease amidst the rolling guitars, punchy live kit backbone drumming, tender melody lines, introspective yet imaginative lyricism and a clean mix/master.

Music On The Moon

"I don't wanna be your love," chorus rises with a warming guitar-laden effect, hooking easily.

Obscure Sound

I really like the endearing nature of the vocals and the dynamic shifts.

Really solid sounding production.

Glide Magazine

Appealing vocals and piano. Passionate chorus.

Indie Obsessive

The vocals on this record are so beautiful and dynamic.

Keep Walking Music

Good shoegaze-ish indie pop, nice vocal tone. Great mix of the track.


You can feel the care and consideration put into this track. We liked this song's steady groove and how these vocals floated effortlessly above this arrangement.

Swell Tone


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