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Elison Debuts on Studio One All Access

Tune into 90.1 on Saturday 1PM-4PM. on October 9th to catch elison’s debut single “Meet Me Halfway” on Iowa Public Radio’s new program ‘Studio One All Access.’ The best new alternative and independent music, blues, world music, singer-songwriters, and local/regional music. Hosts Mark Simmet, Tony Dehner and Cece Mitchell offer their mix of essential music. “Studio…

The process

The duo’s assemblage and subsequent process has been fortuitous to say the least. While still developing her guitar skills, as well as the vulnerability and courage required to share her gifts with others, Marissa was fortunate to pair up with Scott, who has spent many of his adult years teaching private music lessons. Scott’s gentle…

“Meet Me Halfway” What’s it About?

“Meet Me Halfway” pulls you in with its immersive, atmospheric mood, then propels you forward with its consistent driving motion. Inspired by that moment of clarity you get when you finally make a decision to move forward from an unbalanced relationship, it is both powerful and hopeful in messaging. Recorded in Scott’s home studio, the…

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